Q: Why are folding cartons an environmentally friendly option?

A: Folding cartons are made from renewable resources. Fiber source for boxboard in Canada is 83% recycled paper and boxboard, 16% residue from the lumber industry (Saw dust, chips, and shavings) and only 1% utilizes round wood harvested from Canadian forests. Approximately 93% of Canadian forests are publicly owned and are third party certified (CSA,FSC, SFI), which ensures proper reforestation under internationally recognized guidelines. When folding cartons are no longer needed, recycling programs exist throughout Canada and 83% of Canadians have access to boxboard collection for recycling. Composting is also a viable form of diversion from landfill. In Canada, Prince Edward Island and the city of Halifax compost all of the old boxboard that they collect. In fact, Nova Scotia composts more boxboard than it sends for recycling! These attributes make folding cartons one of the most sustainable forms of packaging.

Q: What is a folding carton?

A: A folding carton is a collapsible box made from boxboard.

Q: Are folding cartons the same as brown moving boxes?

A: No. Your typical moving box is called a "corrugated box" and is often used for housing heavy items.

Q: Can I print on every side of the box?

A: Yes! The great thing about folding cartons is that each face of the box is a blank canvas. A folding carton is essentially a marketing and advertising opportunity!

Q: Can I print on the inside of the box and the outside?

A: Yes, but it depends on the type of paperboard material used. Some materials have special coatings that do not allow for ink application.

Q: What is your minimum run quantity?

A: We will run any order large or small; however, we recommend larger run sizes to mitigate costs.

Q: Do you have stock items?

A: No. All of our cartons are customized and made to order based on specifications provided by the customer

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We will gladly ship anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Q: Do you offer graphic design services?

A: Yes.