Our Commitment to the Environment

We are in a time that calls for all individuals to be conscious of their environmental impact and businesses are no exception. At Astro Box, we are first and foremost boxboard converters; we endeavour to mitigate our waste output and develop products that leave less of a negative impact on the environment than other substrates.


In July 2011, a third party waste audit was conducted at Astro Box so as to comply with Ontario Regulation 102/94 (Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Workplans). The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the amount of waste generated by Astro Box and determine how much of that waste was diverted from landfills. The results of the audit yielded a diversion rate of 99.67%.

Recycling & Paperboard Usage

  • 85% of the boxboard we use is recycled and recyclable
  • All boxboard trimmings and by-products are collected and shipped back to paper mills

Our Suppliers

  • All boxboard is purchased from reputable, third party certified suppliers
  • Our inks are vegetable oil-based and free of heavy metals
  • Adhesives are water-based and re-pulpable